Not Everyone Wants a Hug


Let me ask you a question. How do you feel about dogs?

If your answer is “I love them”, “I am terrified of them”, “I have one”, “I want one”, “I had one when I was younger” or anything similar, then this book is for YOU.

By learning to see the world through the eyes of a dog, we can rediscover the connection to our ancestral best friend and live together in harmony.


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Do you wish your dog could tell you what’s wrong? Do you wish you could understand why they don’t want to play with other dogs? Do you want to have a better relationship with your dog? Would you like to know more about dog behaviour? Are you frightened of dogs but wish you weren’t? Are you fed up of reading books you don’t understand?

What if:
• You could understand what your dog is trying to tell you.
• You knew how to help your dog, just by looking at them.
• You were able to meet dogs outside without being scared of them.
• You had a best friend who also happens to be a dog.

Then this is the book you need. It will show you how to read your dog’s facial expressions and body language correctly, so you know what they are trying to tell you. It explains dog behaviour in an easy to understand way, supported by over 50 illustrations and pictures. There are also practical exercises to help develop your skills (in a totally safe way).

This book is for everyone who:
• Loves dogs.
• Doesn’t want to be scared of them.
• Wants to understand them better.
• Wants to rebuild the bond with their best friend.

Written by Tony Richens-Smith, an accredited behaviourist with many years of professional experience working with private clients and rescue charities. Tony has a firm belief that education and understanding is essential for dogs and humans to live in harmony together. His successful behaviour business continues to help families build strong and positive bonds with their dogs, using current scientific advances, empathy and respect.

In this book, you will learn:
• How dogs think.
• What your dog is trying to tell you.
• How to communicate in a way you both understand.
• Why your dog does what he does.
• Why not all dogs want a hug or to play with other dogs.
• What happens when they get scared.
• How you can help your dog to cope with life.
• What is stress and why it’s not all bad.
• What motivates your dog.
• What to do when “it all goes wrong”.
• How you can unlock your dog’s curiosity.
• How to meet strange dogs safely.
• How to recognise the things your dog hates.
• How to reconnect with your four (or three) legged best friend.… and lots more.

What are you waiting for? Come with me now on a journey of discovery and see the world through the eyes of a dog …

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1 review for Not Everyone Wants a Hug

  1. tonyrich

    Praise for Tony’s services

    “Tony has been extremely helpful with our recent rescue dog’s anxiety and reactivity after an unfortunate incident had knocked her confidence entirely, I went from feeling very helpless and confused about the situation to being a lot more understanding of my dogs emotional state and was given some great tips and advice to help her feel more confident and secure, not just on walks but at home too.”

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