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“The fidelity of a dog is a precious gift demanding no less binding moral
responsibilities than the friendship of a human being. The bond with a true dog
is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be”
~ Konrad Lorenz


It is said there are no quick fixes in life and success takes time and effort. This is true when changing behaviour that has become embedded – it takes time. “Quick Fixes” often mask the problem and it can resurface later or manifest in other ways. True learning is achieved when a dog chooses a behaviour because they want to not because it is forced upon them.

Dogs have always been “man’s best friend”. By treating them with respect, and using positive training methods that are backed by scientific research, I can help you to reconnect with your dog and become their best friend. Each dog is unique and I treat every one one as an individual when creating training and behaviour plans. Browse my plans below, or contact me for further information.

Reconnect and become best friends …

Behaviour Consultations

"behaviour for life"

Zoom sessions ONLY for the remainder of 2022.

Choose a Behaviour Support Plan to suit your needs. All plans include a full behaviour assessment and rehabilitation plan, and cover all types of problem behaviour (separation issues, anxious behaviour, phobias, disruptive behaviour, handling issues, dog & people reactivity). If you are not sure which support plan is right for you, book a video call first for general advice and to discuss your needs.

Standard Support Plan £130 (2 Sessions - min 3 hours in total, behaviour rehabilitation plan, free email/phone support for 2 months thereafter)

Five Week Support Plan £260 (5 Sessions - 1 per week, behaviour rehabilitation plan, free email/phone support for 2 months thereafter)

Five Week Premium Support Plan £350 (5 Sessions - 1 per week, behaviour rehabilitation plan, priority booking with discounted additional sessions, free email/phone support for 3 months thereafter)


How it works?

  1. Contact me for a no obligation chat and tell me the problem
  2. If you wish to proceed I will send you a questionnaire to be filled out and returned
  3. We either meet in your home (additional mileage charged at £0.41/mile) or over a video call, where I can watch your dog's behaviour. We will also discuss the problem and work together putting actions into place to manage it. You should expect this first session to last approximately 2 hours
  4. I will then create a report containing a unique behaviour plan for your dog, taking into account their individual needs, based on current scientific research
  5. We then meet for additional sessions (depending on your support plan), lasting 1 hour each. These sessions ensure you have the necessary skills to work with your dog without me, while providing support.
  6. You then follow the plan, working with your dog in order to promote a lasting change (I am on hand for the next 2 months to offer free email/telephone support and guidance)
  7. Ongoing / additional support is available either in-person or via Zoom video calls at a cost of £50 per hour (video calls are recorded and sent to you, enabling you to watch them whenever you need to)

1:1 Training

"training for life"

Zoom sessions ONLY for the remainder of 2022.

£100 (2 Sessions lasting 1 hour each, training plan, free email/phone support for 2 months thereafter). Home visits may incur additional mileage costs at £0.41/mile)

    • Custom 1:1 training catered to your needs (either in your home or using Zoom Video Calls)
    • How to form a close bond with your dog
    • Teaching Life Skills (calm greetings, loose lead walking, recall, confidence building)
    • Puppy Training
    • 2 sessions consisting of 1 x 1 hour each
    • Structured training plan (tailored to your ... and your dog's needs)
    • free email/telephone support for 2 months
    • Follow-up sessions (recorded video sessions / in-house visits £50 per hour with discounts for multiple block booking)


Please contact me to discuss anything not mentioned above


General Advice & Support

"the right start in life"

Get immediate help for an issue over a one-off video call with me. Book an appointment now for a date and time to suite you.

30 minute video call £30

60 minute video call £50

Many issues can be resolved with a single call but if needed you can upgrade to a more detailed support plan (with a discount).



    • No need for me to come to your house
    • 30 minute or 60 minute video session (at a time to suit you)
    • Book your session instantly from this website and get reminders sent to your phone/email
    • Save £10 when you book a 60 minute call
    • Easy to set up and use
    • No need to take notes as the session is recorded for you watch over
    • Also great for catch-up sessions



What Fran and Charlie say:

"Tony is really nice and friendly, knowledgable and passionate about dogs and his training is treat and praise based reward, which really suited me. I found the advice and training have helped me to understand Charlie better and work with him to help him become a calm and confident dog. Would highly recommend Tony."

Rescue Advice & Support

"a new start in life"

Thinking of adopting a rescue dog but not sure where to start? I can offer advice on breed suitability (based on a lifestyle questionnaire), how to help a rescue dog adapt to their new life, suitable games to mentally stimulate them, as well as training advice. Depending on location and timescales I may be able to visit the rescue centre with you if you already have a dog in mind for adoption, however please note that I can only offer advice on behaviour seen during the visit and this may not be a reflection of their true character or future behaviour. Please contact me to discuss further and for price

Behaviour Assessments for Rescue Centres

"changing a life"

Specifically designed for Rescue and Rehoming Centres, I am able to offer initial behaviour assessments (including a behaviour plan and follow up advice) free of charge. Please contact me to discuss further and to arrange an assessment session.

Video Presentations

"improving life"

To be watched at your leisure, these easy to follow video presentations are great value and give you enough information to make real changes, improving both your life and that of your best friend. Click on the presentation to get more information.